Dear Parents and Friends,
It is with great honor and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the new principal of Parkside Elementary. I am thrilled to become part of the Parkside community, which has already given me such a warm welcome!  In just the few interactions I’ve had with staff, students and families so far, it’s become clear that this school is a unique and special place.
This summer, I have been spending time getting to know the building, the school’s community and familiarizing myself with Parkside’s School Improvement Goals. In doing so, I’ve learned that Parkside has a diverse population with several different languages spoken. It has a staff that is extremely dedicated to teaching students not only academically but building an entire child to be a successful, resourceful, and respected human being. Things in our world are uncertain and can be scary for our students. I will work alongside you to provide a safe place where all stakeholders feel welcome, cared for and respected. 
Professionally, I have over 28 years of experience in education. I spent nine years teaching grades 3-6, was an Assistant Principal at Granite Park Junior High and Kearns Junior High for six years, became Principal of Redwood Elementary for four years, and then moved to Murray School District where I have been Principal at Horizon Elementary for the last nine years. It may be more important for you to know that I am the mother of three beautiful girls and a new grandmother to a precious baby girl. I fully understand the challenges and rewards you face every day as you work to ensure your child has their needs met both personally and educationally. 
I believe in building strong relationships with students, teachers and families. You’ll find me in the hallways, classrooms, at bus stops, in the parking lot, in the lunchroom, doing home visits, and on the playground getting to know you and your child/children. I believe in having fun, listening, being an advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves and doing my best to provide a well-rounded educational experience. I’m not sure what the new school year will bring, but understand, I will work hard with the staff to make sure our students are safe, exposed to curriculum and instruction that is engaging and hold all to high expectations of success. It will take all of us working together to achieve great things. My number one priority is the students of Parkside. I have an open door policy and welcome your input and ideas (as open as it can be with COVID-19 😃). We are in this together! We won’t go far unless we hold strong and keep our students as the focus of success. 


Heather Nicholas
Principal, Parkside Elementary