What is Title I?

Title 1 is based on three important ideas

  1. All students should have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to reach, at minimum, proficiency on state academic standards and objectives.

  2. Local districts, schools, and parents know best what their students need to succeed. The Title 1 program allows them to decide how to use these funds to implement research-based proven practices to help students who are failing or who are at risk of failing in school.

  3. Parents are partners in helping all students achieve. They have the right to be involved in the design and operation of their school’s Title 1 program, and, at the same time, a responsibility to help their children succeed in school.

Parkside Title 1 Provides

  • SMART Time Resources
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Reading Interventions
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Math Interventions
  • Parent Involvement Opportunities
  • All Day Kindergarten

Title I is a federal education program under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Title 1 provides additional math and/or reading instruction for students performing below grade level expectations. The students who qualify need extra help with math or reading. Schools qualify for this program based on students’ use of the free and reduced lunch program. At least 40% of the population must qualify for the school to be eligible for Title I funds.

How Your Child Can Participate

  • Students are identified for Title 1 Services in the following ways:
  • Low scores on State end of year summative assessments
  • Below grade level performance on teacher assessments for reading such as the iReady Diagnostic for Language Arts and DIBELS
  • Below grade level performance in math on the Murray Common Formative Assessments, iReady Diagnostic for Math, and AIMSweb M-COMP
  • Other math or reading assessments that show the student to be below grade level and in need of additional help to bring them up to grade level in reading or math
    • How You Can Participate

      • Parents can serve on the Title 1 Committee to contribute to important decisions concerning our Title 1 program.
      • Attend Back to School Night, Parent-Teacher conferences, and Title 1 hosted school activities.
      • Keep open communication with the school.
      • Read and understand information given by the teachers in regards to curriculum standards and assessments.

      District Title 1 Director

      Melissa Hamilton
      Phone: (801) 264-7400
      Email: mhamilton@murrayschools.org

      Parkside School
      Title 1 Instructional Coach

      Trish Syverson
      Phone: (801) 264-7434 Ext 6121